Fethiye Oludeniz 12 Island Boat Tour- Boat tour prices 2022

12 Islands Boat Tour

Muğla / Fethiye / Fethiye Merkez Adres: Fethiye Limanı

Activity Duration: 10.00 - 18.00 saatleri arası

Free Cancellation Period: 48


On the Twelve Islands Boat Tour, you will visit several of the many idyllic bays and islands that form a unique archipelago in the Gulf of Fethiye. Organised by Fethiye Göcek Boat Tours, this delightful day tour offers an opportunity to explore some beautiful places that are only accessible by boat, as well as plenty of opportunities throughout the day to swim in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean sea.




1- Yassıca Islands


You will visit a small group of islands on our first stop. Forming part of the Göcek archipelago, they vary in size and do not have separate names. If you are a strong and experienced swimmer, it is possible to visit all of the islands in about 30 minutes (the shortest distance between the islands is just 12 meters) and experience an island-hopping swimming adventure. There are however no facilities on these islands and in the summer there is considerable marine traffic in the area, so swimmers should be alert. The biggest islet has a natural pool on a sandy promontory, great for younger children.


2- Shipyard Island


Tersane Island, the largest island in the Göcek archipelago, is our second stop. It is a favourite location for our guests who enjoy historical and cultural trips. On this stop, you can visit the ruins of the old Greek Ottoman houses and settlements that were abandoned following the population exchange in 19922/23. You can also visit the ruins of the boatyard and watchtower after which the island was named, and swim in the two deep blue bays that local sailors call the summer and winter bays and embark on a journey in the footsteps of history. It is one of the most visited anchorages for the Blue Cruise and Private Boat Tours.


3- Red Island


The next stop, our third of the day, is Red Island (Kızıl Ada in Turkish). In past times this island was known as Lagusa or Lagousa. Its azure coves and mysterious underwater caves make this island particularly fascinating. There is a restored 19th century lighthouse on the seaward side of the island, which was briefly converted into a seafood restaurant in 2007, as well as a nine-room hostel opened a year later. The island is frequented by tour boats.


It is said that the island was given the name “Red” because the sun rays shining on the island at sunset turn the stone and soil a burnished red. The east coast of the island has a sandy beach suitable for anchoring boats and swimming.


4- Rabbit Island


This is our next stop. You may wonder why it is called rabbit island; evidently it is because when seen from above the outline resembles this animal. Here you can have a short swimming break in the clear, deep water, or visit the island for a brief walk.


5- Aquarium Bay


This perfect cove is the last stop for the day. With the green forest reaching down almost to the water, you will feel that you are swimming where green and blue meet. After a short swimming break in this beautiful bay, which is a favourite spot for diving and snorkelling, we leave this small part of paradise and return to Fethiye.


Activity duration: 1 day

Free cancellation period: Up to 2 days

With a Fethiye boat tour, you will be satisfied with the world-famous turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

Fethiye boat tour program departs from Fethiye harbor at 10:00 and returns to the place where we took off again at 18:00 at the end of the program.

You will see 5 bays with our boat, have a great time and then follow the sun and continue your holiday in a magnificent way.


Our boat tours are usually held in the summer months, the weather will be warm and sunny. With this in mind, take the sunscreen suitable for your body with you when you go on a boat tour. If you have special ailments related to the sea and the heat, do not forget to bring your medicines with you. Not all boats may have goggles, flippers or special swimming equipment. In addition, when you consider how hygienic these shared equipment will be, we recommend that you bring your own equipment. We also remind you that fishing, even if it is amateur, is prohibited by the coast guard. Therefore, please do not insist on such requests. Keep in mind that our tours will be crowded, especially in high season. Therefore, it is beneficial to be on our boat at least half an hour and forty-five minutes before the start of the boat tour. Please note that there will be no numbered tables or sun loungers. If you arrive early, your chances of settling in beautiful places will increase. Boats will take a lunch break in quiet bays at noon. Meals are included on our boats and you do not need to bring any extra food with you. We also have fully equipped bars on each of our boats for drinks.


15 Nisan 2023 - 31 Ekim 2024




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