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Muğla / Fethiye / Ölüdeniz Adres: Ölüdeniz, Belcekız Tatilköyü, 227. Sk., 48340 Fethiye/Muğla

Activity Duration: 2 hrs

Free Cancellation Period: 24 hrs

Paragliding with Hanuman


"your freedom under our wings"


Welcome to the Hanuman paragliding experience



Getting to the take-off


When you book a flight with Hanuman, we ask you to meet us at Hanuman HQ in Ölüdeniz at a certain time.


As there will be others in the group, please arrive on time as we work to a tight schedule and, if there is a problem, be sure to let us know.


You, together with the other customers and the tandem pilots will travel by minibus to the take-off area. The winding mountainside road take you through amazing cedar and pine forests all the way to the departure area.


Flying from Babadağ mountain


Preparation and safety checks:


On arrival at the take-off area and before you fly, the pilots will explain to you the flight and safety procedures.


Then, you and the pilot will dress in flying suits, put on your safety helmets, and the pilot will make a final check.




To glide from the mountain, the pilots must wait for the most suitable wind.


When the correct wind direction and speed are blowing for take-off, the parachute fills with the wind. After taking a few steps together, the pilot will ask you to run a few steps and your magical experiences in the air begins. Now you can sit back, relax, have the most amazing time of your life while enjoying the magnificent views.


The flight:


During the flight, should you wish, the pilot can perform exciting turns, aerobatic manoeuvres (wingovers) and thermal flights. These will enable the flight to last a little longer.


If you are flying with family or friends and the weather conditions are suitable, the pilots will be able to gather together in the sky, in formation.


While gliding in the sky, you will be able to see some of Fethiye historical sites from the air, a bird’s eye view of Ölüdeniz, which your pilot will explain to you. Your pilot will also record the flying experience with photos and videos, using a professional camera to immortalize all these beautiful moments.


Landing at Oludeniz:


Landing is perhaps the most straightforward part of the entire tandem paragliding experience. When approaching the ground, you pilot will explain to you the how to land (when to remain seated and when to stand).


At Hanuman our motto is: "your freedom under our wings"


You do not need to have any previous experience for a tandem paragliding flight. Our professional, skilful and proficient pilots will have everything under control. They are highly trained and prioritize safety above all else. With all our tandem flights, you are insured from the moment you board our transfer vehicle until you land at the end of the flight.


Safe under Hanuman’s wings


Tandem paragliding with Hanuman in Ölüdeniz, Turkey, offers an exhilarating experience amid stunning natural scenery. Ölüdeniz is renowned worldwide for its picturesque landscapes, including its azure blue lagoon and the Babadağ Mountain, which provides an ideal launching point for paragliders.


Here's what you can typically expect when tandem paragliding in Ölüdeniz:


Scenic Views: Prepare yourself for breathtaking aerial views of Ölüdeniz, its coastline, and the surrounding mountains. The combination of the deep blue sea, lush greenery, and rugged terrain creates a truly mesmerizing backdrop.

Professional Instructors: Tandem paragliding involves flying with an experienced instructor who handles the equipment and controls the flight, allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience. These instructors are highly trained and prioritize safety above all else.


Preparation: Before takeoff, your instructor gives you a brief orientation, including safety instructions. They will ensure that you are securely strapped into the harness and that all necessary safety checks are completed.


Takeoff:  There are four takeoff points at different altitudes on Babadağ, the mountain that towers above Ölüdeniz. These are at: 1965 m,1800 m, 1700 m… and are used according to the weather conditions, such as wind direction, wind speed and clouds. There is also a takeoff at 1200 m, which can be used for example in the winter, if it is too windy or cloudy to go higher.


Flight Experience: As you run a few steps together with your instructor, the paraglider catches the wind, and you'll smoothly lift off the ground. Now airborne, you'll experience a sense of freedom and weightlessness as you soar through the sky. Your instructor controls the paraglider, manoeuvring it to catch thermals, which can extend the length of your flight time.


Duration: Tandem flights typically last anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on weather conditions and the type of flight you choose.


Landing: Your instructor will guide the paraglider smoothly back to the ground, giving you instructions on when to remain seated and when to stand, to ensure a safe and gentle landing.


Photos and Videos: Many tandem paragliding operators offer the option to purchase photos or videos of your flight, allowing you to capture and relive the experience.


Weather Considerations: Tandem paragliding is highly weather-dependent, and flights may be cancelled or rescheduled in the event of unfavourable conditions.


Tandem paragliding in Ölüdeniz offers an unforgettable adventure and a unique perspective of Fethiye’s stunning landscapes, whether you're an adrenaline junkie or simply seeking a memorable experience.


1 Nisan 2024 - 31 Ağustos 2024



équipe très agréable, souriante et sympa, ils sont à votre écoute vous demande si tout se passe bien prennent plein de photos avec belles vue à prix abordable, vol plaisant avec magnifique vue

Guys, you are the best! Denise, Thanks so much for the adrenaline and great flights! And the delicious dinner is impressive! See you next time!

Guys, you are the best! Denise, Thanks so much for the adrenaline and great flights! And the delicious dinner is impressive! See you next time!


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