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Fethiye- Oludeniz - Babadag paragliding experience wait you Paragliding prices 2022, paragliding best price. Online reservation, Free cancelled. EXTREME ACTIVITIES


Muğla / Fethiye / Oludeniz

2 hrs

Imagine dancing with the harmony of the deep blue sky, we will make it happen. Highly skilled, professional team that has thousands of hours of flying time between them, is ready to take you for the experience of a life-time paragliding from Babadağ Thanks to paragliding, our passengers can see the historical regions from the air and get information with the narration of the pilots.

Price : 5200

paragliding with women pilots Female Pılot

Paragliding-Female Pilot with photos/video

Muğla / Fethiye / Oludeniz

2 hr

Lets fly to a unique experience in the blue sky with the wings of our female pilots. Hanumans highly skilled, professional team with thousands of hours of flight time is ready to take you from Babadag to a privileged paragliding experience that you will remember for a lifetime. During paragliding, our passengers can see the historical regions from the air and get information through the narration of our female pilots.

Price : 7100

Adventure tour experience with 4x4 ATV in the unique nature of Fethiye- Kayaköy will add color to your holiday with the best price guarantee 4x4 Experience
Kayakoy - Fethiye

Quad Bike Safari Tour

Muğla / Fethiye / Kayakoy - Fethiye

3 hours

Our Kayaköy-ATV Safari Tour is one of the most enjoyable ways to visit the city of Kayaköy with its magnificent nature among pine and cedar forests and its history dating back to ancient civilizations. Our ATV Tours take a total of 3 hours including the hour you spend on the ATV for 1.5 hours and you can choose a tour at 4 different times during the day according to your holiday plan. We pick you up from your hotel according to the hours you choose with our transfer vehicles and drop you back to your hotel after the safari.

Price : 1650

Enjoy Saklıkent Canyon, Rafting, Ancient Cities and Mud Bath with Fethiye Jeep Safari Tour prices 2022 Explore Fethiye

Jeep Safari

Muğla / Fethiye / Fethiye/Center

8 hours

By dedicating one day of your planned holiday in Fethiye and its surroundings to a Jeep Safari tour, you can visit the cultural and sights of the region in a fun way, both economically and without the hassle of transportation.

Price : 1000

Rafting is waiting for you to have fun with the waves by rowing in the cool waters of Dalaman stream and to experience an adrenaline-filled holiday Fun with waves


Muğla / Dalaman / Dalaman

If you are a lover of adventure and adrenaline, you can feel the excitement in your veins on the tracks of various difficulties by rowing with team spirit on the cold sparkling waters that you can easily access from Fethiye and its surroundings.

Price : 3000

Private Speed Boat PRIVATE BOAT TOUR

Private Boat Tour

Muğla / Fethiye / Oludeniz

Optional 1-2-3 hrs

If you have a special travel plan to the unique and beautiful bays of Ölüdeniz, this tour is for you.

Price : 7000

parasaling PARASAILING


Muğla / Fethiye / Oludeniz

10 minutes

You will feel the adrenaline in your veins with the parachute on the sea with the help of a boat :)

Price : 4200


Gift Card

Muğla / Fethiye / Oludeniz

24 hrs

Would you like to give an extraordinary gift that contains excitement, adrenaline and passion? Our experience and experiences are one of the most valuable things we can acquire throughout our lives.

Price : 5000

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